Keep Smiling

Max says, “Keep smiling!” He loves to smile and wants you to smile, too.

Max’s Pit Bull American Trucker Hat

Sporting Max’s new Pit Bull American Trucker Hat. I’m feeling mighty proud of that big smile – his smile, that is. Doesn’t get any more fun than this!

Visit to pick up yours and show the world that Pit Bulls are the ultimate American dog! Max says, “Thanks!”

Take your dog to work day 2016

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day! Max is always peeking at me from the edge of my desk. He’s my inspiration. There’s nothing more joyful than when he’s staring at me with those big soulful eyes. Gives me goosebumps!

What does it feel like when your pet just stares at you while you’re at work or home?


Max wants to simply say, “Hello!”

He hopes you are having a wonderful day.

National Best Friends Day 2016

Happy National Best Friends Day!

One of Max’s favorite photos with his lil sister, and best friend, Willamena.

Who’s your pets best friend?

Max Surfing the Waves

Max is having a grand ole time surfing the waves in his pool. What a smile!

What silly antics does your pet play while romping around in the water?

One happy pooch

Max is just happy. That’s what amazes me about animals. If left alone by us humans, they will find their way to joy all the time. It’s just their nature as it is ours but we humans can be sticklers at times. Thank God for animals! Max always reminds me to see the brighter side of life in any situation. I adore you, Max!

Max Chewing on a Stick

I enjoy playing with Max in the park. One of the first things I do is find a stick and toss it to him. He loves running after it and bringing it back, although sometimes, like today, he plops down in the grass and gnaws on it for hours. Silly Max!

Does your pet enjoy chasing and gnawing on sticks?

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