Max’s Pearly Whites

Max is showing off his pearly whites this morning. I love being greeted in the morning with that playful smile. He instantly brightens my day.

Show us your pets pearly whites!

Happy on a cloudy day

Nothing can get Max down, not even this cloudy, rainy day. He is still eager to go outside and I think we will. There’s nothing wrong with a little rain and a whole lot of happiness.

Does your pet enjoy the rain?


Max is gazing out the window in one of his thoughtful moments. I wonder what he is thinking. He’s most likely contemplating what fun he’s going to have when he goes outdoors. Perhaps,  he’s thinking about who or what he is going to encounter on his travels. Or, maybe he’s thinking of the treat I have waiting for him and anticipating how much fun he’s going to have devouring it. I could just ask him but sometimes guessing is fun.

Max Knee Deep in Snow

Yesterday was the first snowstorm of the year. Max hunkered down and watched the snow fall. His tail wagged the entire time. Today, it was no surprise that he dashed into my bedroom and licked me on the face, prodding me to rise. He was more than ready to frolic in the snow. Which is just what we did!

Does your pet love the snow?

Max and the Hummingbird

Max is always meeting new friends.  Today it’s a beautiful hummingbird. It sang to Max. He’s a bit mesmerized, as you can see. It must have had something very important to say. They were deep in conversation for quite some time. I enjoy watching him interact with others.

How does your pet interact with other animals?

My Boy

My boy, Max! I love him so. He’s funny, loving, adoring, smart, intuitive, playful, friendly, strong and just all around perfect.

What are some things you love about your pet?

Out for a Romp

There’s nothing like a romp outside, no matter where it is! Max doesn’t care where we go just as long as we go somewhere, although he loves going to the nearby park where he can run and play with his friends. This is one of the many ways he likes to spend his time and if he meets a new friend along the way, it’s all the better for him.

Does your pet have a favorite place it likes to play?


Max Loves All Animals

Max loves all animals. He says without animals the world wouldn’t be as much fun.

Max Saves Christmas 46th and 5th Avenue NYC

Yesterday, we had our own storefront! Fancy, isn’t it? Right on 5th avenue and 46th Street. We couldn’t ask for a more bustling and vibrant location. It was another successful day for Max.

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Max Saves Christmas Sign in NYC

Out and about on the streets of NYC with my Max Saves Christmas sign. Do you think they saw me coming? It was a great experience. I walked from Chinatown to around 47th and 5th hitting as many hot spots as I could in between. Every time I stopped at the corner for the light someone tapped me on the shoulder asking me about Max. Sometimes, in order to get the word out, you just gotta do what ya gotta do. And always have fun doing it. I did!

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