Running with Friends

There’s nothing like running with your kin at least that’s what Max says.



Foraging with Bunnies

Max is taking the time to forage with some cute bunnies. Look at those ears!!!

Show us your ears!



One of those days

Today is one of those days to just lounge around. Don’t you think?



Max Lounging in the Trees

There’s no better time than the present to take a nap in a tree, at least that’s what Max says.

Relaxing in the lake

Max is appreciating the coolness of this beautiful lake. He hopes you’re enjoying yourself, too!

Max’s Floppy Ears High Sierra Backpack

Max is ready to go! Take Max with you to work, to school, the gym, a walk, or even for a hike! With Max by your side on this beautiful and simple, yet functional, backpack you are sure to have a splendid time. Visit and automatically save 15% upon check out. Comes in black, blue, aqua blue and red. Let’s get moving!

Max says, “Thanks!”


Free Kisses!

Max is giving out free kisses. He’s ready! Who wants some? I do!




Happy Labor Day 2016

Max and his sister Dumpling wish you and your loved ones a happy and fun Labor Day!

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