Max Saves Christmas

Max Saves Christmas is here!

Max is very excited to invite you to join him and his wild friends on their journey to rescue Santa from the clutches of an evil wizard.

The story of how Max saves Christmas will stir within the reader a new appreciation for Christmas and their innate capacity for joy. It is a lively and imaginative story that has positive messages about avoiding stereotypes and overcoming fears and obstacles with positive thinking.

Max Saves Christmas is an excellent read for advanced 3rd and 4th grade readers and children 10 and up. Adults, too, will enjoy this modern day fairy tale classic.

Join Max on his most heart pounding, nail biting, captivating adventure ever!

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Max, the Snake, the Elephant and the Majestic Eagle

Max, the Snake, the Elephant, and the Majestic Eagle have come together and are ready and eager to begin their journey to find the evil wizard in the upcoming Modern Fairy Tale “Max Saves Christmas.” – Are you ready?!

The Snake – Max Saves Christmas

The wisdom of the Snake joins Max, the majestic eagle, and the elephant on their journey to find the evil wizard in the upcoming Fairy Tale “Max Saves Christmas.” – Coming very soon!

The Elephant – Max Saves Christmas

Max and the majestic eagle are accompanied by the foreboding yet nurturing presence of the elephant on their journey to find the evil wizard in the upcoming Fairy Tale “Max Saves Christmas.” – Stay tuned!

The Majestic Eagle

The majestic eagle joins Max on his quest to find the evil wizard in the upcoming Fairy Tale Max Saves Christmas. Stay tuned!

New Friends

Someone made a new friend, although the mama bird doesn’t look too pleased. It’s not Max’s fault. He was just sitting around appreciating nature when this little baby bird wandered over to him. He was curious, or from the looks of it, hungry! Max was licking the little one when the mama bird came charging over. She wanted her little chickadee back. No worries. Max calmed her down somehow and they had a long conversation. He explained to the mama bird that the little one wobbled over to him and that he was just taking care of it until she found them. The mama bird was happy and thanked Max in her own special way.

Max made a new friend just by appreciating. I think I’ll sit in nature quietly and appreciate. Maybe an animal will come up to me! I’d like that.

How does your pet make new friends?

Best Friends

Max says, “There’s no one else I’d rather have sitting on my nose than my lil sis Willamena.” I couldn’t agree more. They are the best of friends and will be for a long time to come.

Max was lying down taking a mini nap when he felt little tingles on his fur. He recognized this familiar feeling, opened one eye and spotted his lil sis beginning her ascent up the side of his face to the top of his nose. This is how she let’s Max know that she wants to go for a ride. She loves being way up high in the sky – at least for her it’s the sky. It makes her feel big. Max is always thrilled to oblige.

Does your pet have a best friend? What are some things they enjoy doing together?

Just Relaxing

Just relaxing and enjoying some me time in a far off place – that’s what Max is doing now. Sometimes, it’s good just to relax and take a snooze.

Life is good…


Enjoying Nature

There’s nothing like enjoying nature – its sounds and silence.  Max loves to hear nature. He enjoys the bird’s songs; their unique whistles are so colorful and vibrant. He relishes the cool breeze brushing against his fur and the leaves that tickle his ears. He loves the cool, sometimes wetness, of the grass against his body. Sometimes, the concrete in the city can be rough and unwelcoming.

I do my best to bring Max to nearby parks to play in the grass with other dogs but one of his most favorite places to go is upstate where he can experience the denseness of the trees and flowing streams. He enjoys listening to the water hit upon the rocks and watches intently as it flows effortlessly forward. Kind of makes you think that maybe that’s how life should be – effortless, easy and, of course, fun.

What does your pet enjoy about nature?

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