Max is Staying Indoors

Max says, “I’m staying right here where it’s cool.” 95 degrees is just too hot!

Max in a Grand Garden

Max is experiencing a moment of appreciation in this grand garden. He adores flowers.

Happy Memorial Day 2017

Max says, “Happy Memorial Day Weekend!” He wants to thank all of those who have served and continue to serve this beautiful country – U.S.A. Have a fun weekend!

A Big Smile From Max

Max offers you a GIGANTIC smile that is sure to brighten your entire day! He’s always thinking of you.


Taking it Easy

Max says that today is a day to just take it easy. I think that’s what he intends to do from the looks of it. He hopes you take it easy, too!

Enjoying Life

Max is in a good space – appreciating and enjoying all that surrounds him.

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