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The Mind of Max

Pondering Max

Pondering and appreciating his wonderful life…


In Reverie

Max is experiencing one of his thoughtful moments. I often wonder what he is thinking, although, I could just ask him but I enjoy watching him ponder. It relaxes me for some strange reason. I suspect he’s appreciating. Willamena has joined him in his reverie. They love each other so.


Max is gazing out the window in one of his thoughtful moments. I wonder what he is thinking. He’s most likely contemplating what fun he’s going to have when he goes outdoors. Perhaps,  he’s thinking about who or what he is going to encounter on his travels. Or, maybe he’s thinking of the treat I have waiting for him and anticipating how much fun he’s going to have devouring it. I could just ask him but sometimes guessing is fun.

Just Relaxing

Just relaxing and enjoying some me time in a far off place – that’s what Max is doing now. Sometimes, it’s good just to relax and take a snooze.

Life is good…


Animal Wisdom

There are times when I see animals being treated with little to no respect, and that’s putting it nicely, and I become sad and angered. In these times, I often look to Max for guidance because being the sentient being that he is and being of the animal kingdom I figure he must have lots of answers.

All of us have the ability to communicate with animals and, for that matter, plants, the ocean and even things! It’s just that along the way we have disconnected ourselves from this ability, but the good news is that all we have to do is practice being sensitive to the subtleties of nature and our surroundings and it will become natural again.

Our animals are the perfect place to start our journey towards connecting to our true nature. Max helps me with this all the time. He tells me that when I have too much going on in my brain that I can’t hear him. He communicates with me all the time but I’m not always in a place of receiving his messages. He says that I need to be quiet and in the moment and then I will hear him.

Well, today I sat with him and he was able to calm me down. He told me that if I want to help an animal that I should send them healing and loving energy through my thoughts and intentions. This helps them to feel better and to know that there are humans out there who love and respect them.

I did as he suggested and as I sent an elephant some energy an entire herd of them gathered about until all I saw was a huge gray mass. They all wanted my attention, love and awareness of them. They were happy and so am I.

Maybe, in this moment, I can not physically see the results of my efforts but I know that someday I will become so adept at this that I will. Together, we can change the world and Max says that even one person can change the world.

Now, that feels good 🙂


Do Not Disturb

There is no way I’m disturbing that sleep! Max is clearly in another world – a world of his own, most likely chasing a squirrel up a tree or staring intently at a passerby or gazing into the sunset pondering the intricacies of the Universe. The Mind Of Max is always bubbling with something obscure or something quite simple and his favorite toy, his purple teddy, is always by his side.

Max has a tremendous amount of toys. They have increased in number ever since the majestic eagle taught him that when he appreciates all that surrounds him he brings more of what he wants into his life. But out of all the toys he has accumulated, he gravitates towards his purple teddy. Sometimes, he’ll just walk around the house with it in his mouth or when he’s running in the backyard. Silly Max!

Does your pet have a favorite toy? What is it?



Excited for a Treat

Oh, Max, you know you want a treat. Don’t play innocent with me! Ha-Ha!

There’s nothing like the anticipation of a tasty treat, especially for Max. Besides his curiosity about all that exists and his quest for his truth, I think the next best thing for him to think about is a tasty treat.

I love that look on his face because I can feel his excitement. He wants to burst inside and jump at that treat. And I love watching him eat. He’s so focused on his job – making sure he devours every bit of his food and making sure that he enjoys and savors every morsel. I think I’ll be like Max. I’ll be eager for more goodness coming my way and when it comes I’ll enjoy it with every cell of my body and appreciate its arrival. Thank you, Max!

How does your pet react when he/she is offered a treat?

Dreams do come true

Max is a dreamer and a doer. He was taught by the majestic eagle that he could have whatever he wanted and more just by appreciating what he already has and all that surrounds him. Max took what the majestic eagle said to heart and appreciates everything.

One of the many things Max has wanted to do is fly. Oh, he likes to use his legs and feel the ground against his fluffy paws but he also wanted to feel the breeze in his fur, like a bird! So, he appreciated and appreciated and appreciated and now his dream has come true.

Max continues to teach me something valuable everyday and appreciating what I have and all that surrounds me is on the top of that list.

Learn more about Max’s journey to appreciation with the majestic eagle in his book “Max Appreciates.”

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