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Max’s Floppy Ears High Sierra Backpack

Max is ready to go! Take Max with you to work, to school, the gym, a walk, or even for a hike! With Max by your side on this beautiful and simple, yet functional, backpack you are sure to have a splendid time. Visit¬† and automatically save 15% upon check out. Comes in black, blue, aqua blue and red. Let’s get moving!

Max says, “Thanks!”


Max’s Tongue Out Slip On Sneakers

Get 40% off of these cool Max’s Tongue Out Slip on Sneakers now through Thursday! And not only that, his entire store is 40% off. Woohoo! Visit and enter code ZAZFORTYSALE upon checkout and enjoy! Send us a pic! Max says, “Thanks!”

To view his entire store click here.

Max’s Tongue Out Stickers

Max’s Tongue Out Stickers are here! If you’d like some Tongue Out Stickers for you and your friends and family please send an email to cs at maxpproductions dot com with the subject line “Stickers!” Be sure to give us your full name and address and we will gladly send you 10 stickers on the house. Supplies are limited so send us your request straight away.

Max says, “Thanks for helping me spread the good word!”

Max’s Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Staying cool with Max’s Stainless Steel Water Bottle by my side. Nothing like a cold refreshing bottle of water on a hot and muggy day.

Pick up yours today by visiting Max’s Zazzle store at and automatically save 20%. Max says, “Stay cool!”







Max’s Tote Bag at the Beach

At the beach with Max’s Pit Bull American Tote Bag. This bag is huge! I fit a blanket, two sweatshirts, water, sandals and snacks in here. The handles are strong and the fabric is sturdy.

Pick yours up in Max’s Zazzle shop today at and instantaneously convert all who pass you by to Pit Bull Lovers!

Max says, “Thanks!”

Max’s Pit Bull American Trucker Hat

Sporting Max’s new Pit Bull American Trucker Hat. I’m feeling mighty proud of that big smile – his smile, that is. Doesn’t get any more fun than this!

Visit to pick up yours and show the world that Pit Bulls are the ultimate American dog! Max says, “Thanks!”

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