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Hanging with Willamena

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Max says, “Happy Thanksgiving!” He says he is thankful for so many things today, and everyday, that he doesn’t know where to begin.

Some of the things he says he’s thankful for are:

  1. The Nice Lady! I can’t help but blush at this one 🙂
  2. His siblings, Dumpling and Willamena, and Dorothy, too!
  3. His home
  4. The food in his belly
  5. His country – USA!
  6. Mother Nature and all her beauty
  7. His wild animal friends
  8. and of course, he appreciates, adores and is thankful for YOU!!!!

What are you thankful for?





Max wants to simply say, “Hello!”

He hopes you are having a wonderful day.

National Best Friends Day 2016

Happy National Best Friends Day!

One of Max’s favorite photos with his lil sister, and best friend, Willamena.

Who’s your pets best friend?

Happy Max and Willamena

One of the many things that are guaranteed to put a smile on Max’s face is when his little sister, Willamena, crawls atop his head. He’s in heaven right about now.

What is guaranteed to put a smile on your pets face?

In Reverie

Max is experiencing one of his thoughtful moments. I often wonder what he is thinking, although, I could just ask him but I enjoy watching him ponder. It relaxes me for some strange reason. I suspect he’s appreciating. Willamena has joined him in his reverie. They love each other so.

Chillin’ with Willamena

It’s a beautiful day to lounge around and spend time with family. That’s what Max is up to. He’s relaxing with his little sister Willamena. Can you see where she is? He loves her dearly and is always watching out for her. It’s amazing to me how such a big animal can care so gently for a small one.

Best Friends

Max says, “There’s no one else I’d rather have sitting on my nose than my lil sis Willamena.” I couldn’t agree more. They are the best of friends and will be for a long time to come.

Max was lying down taking a mini nap when he felt little tingles on his fur. He recognized this familiar feeling, opened one eye and spotted his lil sis beginning her ascent up the side of his face to the top of his nose. This is how she let’s Max know that she wants to go for a ride. She loves being way up high in the sky – at least for her it’s the sky. It makes her feel big. Max is always thrilled to oblige.

Does your pet have a best friend? What are some things they enjoy doing together?

Enjoying A Snack

Guess where I found Willemana today? You got it. Where she always can be found – if not in her home – atop Max’s head eating a snack. She’s always eating something. Mice have very fast metabolisms, so they are always munching on something and drinking tons of water.

Max is so patient. He dare not move. If he moves too suddenly, Willamena might tumble and fall, although she’s good at landing on her feet and she’d probably act like nothing happened and climb right back up top Max’s head. She feels like a queen up there. She loves looking around and seeing what’s out there in the big world and Max enjoys every minute of it.

I couldn’t separate them if I tried.

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