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Hanging with Dumpling

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Max says, “Happy Thanksgiving!” He says he is thankful for so many things today, and everyday, that he doesn’t know where to begin.

Some of the things he says he’s thankful for are:

  1. The Nice Lady! I can’t help but blush at this one 🙂
  2. His siblings, Dumpling and Willamena, and Dorothy, too!
  3. His home
  4. The food in his belly
  5. His country – USA!
  6. Mother Nature and all her beauty
  7. His wild animal friends
  8. and of course, he appreciates, adores and is thankful for YOU!!!!

What are you thankful for?




Max and Dumpling Spending Quality Time

Max and his sister, Dumpling, spending some quality time together.

Do you have siblings in the family who spend lots of quality time with each other? Let’s see!



Happy Labor Day 2016

Max and his sister Dumpling wish you and your loved ones a happy and fun Labor Day!

Max and Dumpling

Not to worry, that’s Max’s sister, Dumpling, a corn snake. They get along rather well. I introduced them to one another very carefully. I held Dumpling, while Max sniffed. They soon realized that they were siblings. I suspect they knew of each other way before I introduced them. They clicked very quickly and now Dumpling will slither about Max all the time. She enjoys the feel of his fur. He enjoys the way her skin feels against him. He says it tickles.

Does your pet have an unusual sibling? 

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