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Hitching a Ride

Someone’s hitching a ride. Max doesn’t mind. He’s always happy to be of service.

Pondering Max

Pondering and appreciating his wonderful life…


Gentle Max

Gentle Max. I trust the little, white mouse, with the perky pink ears, is in charge.

Nose to Nose

Rubbing noses with your pet – PRICELESS!!! Do you agree? I love it!



Surrounded by Beauty

Surrounded by beauty.

Max adores flowers, especially knowing how many secrets they have to share.


Max and his New Friend

Max loves to make new friends. Here he is with, Geronimo, the newest member of his ever growing league of friends and family.

Does your pet like to make new friends?


Happy Veterans Day 2016

Max says, “Happy Veterans Day!” He adores you and appreciates all that you do to keep his country safe and secure. This is your special day. Enjoy it knowing that you are loved.


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