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October 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

Max says, “Happy Halloween!” Have fun today or Max will come and get ya!

As you can see, Max decided to be a K-9 police officer. Show us your pet’s costume!


Max Appreciating a Red Rose

Max is in a state of appreciation. He adores nature and stumbled upon this magnificent red rose. They are exchanging secrets.



Max’s Special Place

Max is nice and cozy in his own special place. Does your pet have a special place that he/she likes to lounge in? Where?


Pit Bull Awareness Day 2016

Today is Pit Bull Awareness Day and Max is very proud to be an American Pit Bull. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He also wants me to add that he loves and appreciates all of creation, from the tiniest to the largest. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Max Meets A Spider

Max is always meeting unusual creatures on his journeys. Today his new friend is a spider. He says his hairs tickle.



Max and Dumpling Spending Quality Time

Max and his sister, Dumpling, spending some quality time together.

Do you have siblings in the family who spend lots of quality time with each other? Let’s see!



Columbus Day 2016

Max says, “Happy Columbus Day!” He wants you to enjoy all the festivities celebrating the discovery of our beautiful country. Have fun!

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