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August 2016

Treat time

Every moment is a great moment for a treat, at least, according to Max.

Is your pet always ready for a treat?

Taking it Easy

Today is a perfect day to just relax. Who agrees?



National Dog Day 2016

Max says, “Happy National Dog Day!” He says every day is a perfect day to celebrate man’s best friend. Do you agree?



Seriously Happy Max

Max is extra, extra happy today. I’m not sure why, but I’m not complaining. I love it when he’s happy, which is practically all the time. I think this is the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

Show us your pets biggest smile!

Black Cat Appreciation Day 2016

Max says, “Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!” Max appreciates all things and that includes the mysterious and beautiful black cat.

Show us your black beauty!


Max’s Tongue Out Slip On Sneakers

Get 40% off of these cool Max’s Tongue Out Slip on Sneakers now through Thursday! And not only that, his entire store is 40% off. Woohoo! Visit and enter code ZAZFORTYSALE upon checkout and enjoy! Send us a pic! Max says, “Thanks!”

To view his entire store click here.

Enjoying Some Ice Cream

Max is enjoying some cool refreshing vanilla ice cream on this extremely hot summer day.

Does your pet enjoy ice cream? What flavor?


World Elephant Day 2016

Today is World Elephant Day. Max appreciates all things and that includes the majestic elephant. He is always in awe of how gentle they are despite their size yet also respects their strength and fierceness.

Max Playing Fetch

Max is enjoying a fun game of fetch after a crazy couple of weeks. He deserves only the best. Doesn’t everyone?



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