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March 2016

Happy Easter 2016

Max and I wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and fun Easter!

My Sunshine

Max is my sunshine. He always manages to brighten my day. When I’m feeling blue or irritated with something or someone I can always count on him to know instinctively that I could use a kiss or a hug. It never ceases to amaze me how he knows, even before I do, that I need a lift. He’ll trot over to me with that big smile and squishy tongue and immediately I’m in another zone with him – appreciating him and on my way to appreciating myself.

Who is your sunshine?

In Reverie

Max is experiencing one of his thoughtful moments. I often wonder what he is thinking, although, I could just ask him but I enjoy watching him ponder. It relaxes me for some strange reason. I suspect he’s appreciating. Willamena has joined him in his reverie. They love each other so.

Max and Dumpling

Not to worry, that’s Max’s sister, Dumpling, a corn snake. They get along rather well. I introduced them to one another very carefully. I held Dumpling, while Max sniffed. They soon realized that they were siblings. I suspect they knew of each other way before I introduced them. They clicked very quickly and now Dumpling will slither about Max all the time. She enjoys the feel of his fur. He enjoys the way her skin feels against him. He says it tickles.

Does your pet have an unusual sibling? 

Chillin’ with Willamena

It’s a beautiful day to lounge around and spend time with family. That’s what Max is up to. He’s relaxing with his little sister Willamena. Can you see where she is? He loves her dearly and is always watching out for her. It’s amazing to me how such a big animal can care so gently for a small one.

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