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February 2016

Ready for some action

Max is ready for some action! He’s patiently waiting for me to throw him his favorite green ball. It’s his favorite toy despite the fact that it’s all torn and faded. He won’t play with any other ball no matter how many I throw at him. He’s very particular sometimes.

Does your pet have a favorite toy? What is it?

Max Romping in Bed

Max jumped into my bed this morning. He even brought one of his favorite blankets. His wagging tail is very suspicious. I wonder what he wants. If I had to guess, I’d say he wants to play outside. He’s always ready for some fun.

Does your pet jump in your bed in the mornings? What does he/she do?

Max’s Pearly Whites

Max is showing off his pearly whites this morning. I love being greeted in the morning with that playful smile. He instantly brightens my day.

Show us your pets pearly whites!

Happy on a cloudy day

Nothing can get Max down, not even this cloudy, rainy day. He is still eager to go outside and I think we will. There’s nothing wrong with a little rain and a whole lot of happiness.

Does your pet enjoy the rain?

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