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June 2015

Best Friends

Max says, “There’s no one else I’d rather have sitting on my nose than my lil sis Willamena.” I couldn’t agree more. They are the best of friends and will be for a long time to come.

Max was lying down taking a mini nap when he felt little tingles on his fur. He recognized this familiar feeling, opened one eye and spotted his lil sis beginning her ascent up the side of his face to the top of his nose. This is how she let’s Max know that she wants to go for a ride. She loves being way up high in the sky – at least for her it’s the sky. It makes her feel big. Max is always thrilled to oblige.

Does your pet have a best friend? What are some things they enjoy doing together?

Just Relaxing

Just relaxing and enjoying some me time in a far off place – that’s what Max is doing now. Sometimes, it’s good just to relax and take a snooze.

Life is good…


Enjoying Nature

There’s nothing like enjoying nature – its sounds and silence.  Max loves to hear nature. He enjoys the bird’s songs; their unique whistles are so colorful and vibrant. He relishes the cool breeze brushing against his fur and the leaves that tickle his ears. He loves the cool, sometimes wetness, of the grass against his body. Sometimes, the concrete in the city can be rough and unwelcoming.

I do my best to bring Max to nearby parks to play in the grass with other dogs but one of his most favorite places to go is upstate where he can experience the denseness of the trees and flowing streams. He enjoys listening to the water hit upon the rocks and watches intently as it flows effortlessly forward. Kind of makes you think that maybe that’s how life should be – effortless, easy and, of course, fun.

What does your pet enjoy about nature?

Under the Rainbow

Playing under the rainbow is where you’ll always find Max.

Being in nature is where Max loves to play. Yes, he enjoys being indoors with me also but he says that nature helps him to be normal, as in, dog normal. There’s so much to discover even if he goes to the same park or around the same block he’s always discovering new things to appreciate. Today, he’s enjoying a game of fetch with his new red ball. It fits perfectly in his mouth. He says the ball likes it in there. Ha-ha! Silly, Max! He says the ball wants to be played with – that’s what it was created for. If it wasn’t played with, it wouldn’t be so happy. What a different perspective he has offered me today. I will think on it and begin to look at the “things” in my life differently. He says, “Everything is alive!”

There’s no place like being in nature appreciating the world around you. Do you agree?

In Need of a Hug

Sometimes you just need a hug. For me, there is no better “person” to receive a hug from than an animal. Whether it’s Max, Willamena, Dumpling, or even an animal I don’t know, it really doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a physical hug or an energy hug, it doesn’t matter. It all feels good to me.

Animals balance us out and Max has an extraordinary energy that just calms me. He doesn’t get sad with me. That wouldn’t help me at all. He remains in a good space in order to show me that everything is okay and that this is what it looks like to be balanced and in sync with who I am.

I always appreciate Max and what he teaches me and because of that I’ll always do my best to understand him and all animals. I love you, Max!

How do your animals offer you comfort?

Animal Wisdom

There are times when I see animals being treated with little to no respect, and that’s putting it nicely, and I become sad and angered. In these times, I often look to Max for guidance because being the sentient being that he is and being of the animal kingdom I figure he must have lots of answers.

All of us have the ability to communicate with animals and, for that matter, plants, the ocean and even things! It’s just that along the way we have disconnected ourselves from this ability, but the good news is that all we have to do is practice being sensitive to the subtleties of nature and our surroundings and it will become natural again.

Our animals are the perfect place to start our journey towards connecting to our true nature. Max helps me with this all the time. He tells me that when I have too much going on in my brain that I can’t hear him. He communicates with me all the time but I’m not always in a place of receiving his messages. He says that I need to be quiet and in the moment and then I will hear him.

Well, today I sat with him and he was able to calm me down. He told me that if I want to help an animal that I should send them healing and loving energy through my thoughts and intentions. This helps them to feel better and to know that there are humans out there who love and respect them.

I did as he suggested and as I sent an elephant some energy an entire herd of them gathered about until all I saw was a huge gray mass. They all wanted my attention, love and awareness of them. They were happy and so am I.

Maybe, in this moment, I can not physically see the results of my efforts but I know that someday I will become so adept at this that I will. Together, we can change the world and Max says that even one person can change the world.

Now, that feels good 🙂


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