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May 2015

Enjoying A Snack

Guess where I found Willemana today? You got it. Where she always can be found – if not in her home – atop Max’s head eating a snack. She’s always eating something. Mice have very fast metabolisms, so they are always munching on something and drinking tons of water.

Max is so patient. He dare not move. If he moves too suddenly, Willamena might tumble and fall, although she’s good at landing on her feet and she’d probably act like nothing happened and climb right back up top Max’s head. She feels like a queen up there. She loves looking around and seeing what’s out there in the big world and Max enjoys every minute of it.

I couldn’t separate them if I tried.

Going for a Ride

Someone’s hitching a ride! Max doesn’t seem to mind, though. He’s actually very excited that his lil sis, Willamena, wants to hang with him. He’s so gentle with her and very attentive. I never concern myself when they are together. I have complete trust in Max to make sure Willamena is well taken care of. It’s so easy for her to get lost. When she gets to the top of Max, she’ll just hang there, groom and most likely fall asleep. Haha!

Do you trust your pets to play nice together and take care of one another?

Happy Monday!

Max wants to wish you a Happy Monday!

When Monday rolls around most of us are dragging our behinds to get back into the swing of things, but not Max. He’s always raring to go. From the way he acts, I suspect he thinks everyday is a Friday. Animals don’t seem to keep track of time. They are always in the moment focused on the task at hand, not fretting over 10 minutes from now or tomorrow or weeks from now.

I must be more in the moment. It would probably do me some good and keep my mind off of the things I don’t like. I believe I just learned something new! Today, I pledge to be more in the moment and look forward to my best week ever! How about you?

Happy Mother’s Day

What a wonderful time of year for all of those who take care of an animal, a child or..? Does it really matter if you are a mom of a child or a mom of an animal, business, nature, home, niece, nephew, granddaughter, a child in need, car or…? No, it doesn’t. Mom is a word that describes the act of nurturing, at least that’s what Max and I believe. Max appreciates everything – he taught me that.

Max and I appreciate all of those who consider themselves a mom in the true sense of the word and wish each and every one of you a Happy Mother’s Day! And if Max had to describe the relationship he has with his mom in one word it would be Joyful.

How would you describe yours?

Do Not Disturb

There is no way I’m disturbing that sleep! Max is clearly in another world – a world of his own, most likely chasing a squirrel up a tree or staring intently at a passerby or gazing into the sunset pondering the intricacies of the Universe. The Mind Of Max is always bubbling with something obscure or something quite simple and his favorite toy, his purple teddy, is always by his side.

Max has a tremendous amount of toys. They have increased in number ever since the majestic eagle taught him that when he appreciates all that surrounds him he brings more of what he wants into his life. But out of all the toys he has accumulated, he gravitates towards his purple teddy. Sometimes, he’ll just walk around the house with it in his mouth or when he’s running in the backyard. Silly Max!

Does your pet have a favorite toy? What is it?



Thoughtful Max

I caught Max in one of his thoughtful moments or maybe he’s staring at something and it’s so small that I can’t see it! I wish I could go inside his head and see what he’s thinking about, although there are times when I’m so open that I can hear what he’s saying.

Anyway, I’m sure there’s some deep and profound stuff going on in there or maybe his thoughts are so simple that I wouldn’t comprehend them. Sometimes, we humans make things so complicated that the simple things stump us.

Animals are lovely beings that teach us about the world and ourselves. There isn’t a day that goes by that Max doesn’t teach me something. I’m so appreciative of his presence in my life.

Do you ever catch your pet in a thoughtful moment? What do you think he/she is thinking?

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