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April 2015

Max’s Happiness Meter

Someone’s happiness meter is off the charts today! Are you ever happy for no reason at all? Something inside you just feels good and you want to just run and play and smile and be happy? Well, that’s how Max is feeling today, although his happiness meter is normally off the charts, anyway!

I always learn a lot from Max and today is no different. Today, I learned to be happy for no reason at all. It just feels good!

Where is your happiness meter?

Max and Bunny

Max met a new friend today. We heard, later on through the grapevine, that the owner of this lil bunny did not want it anymore so she left it at a nearby park. Shame on her! I was livid when I found out but then Max put in his two cents and said, “Maybe the bunny didn’t want to be with her anymore and somehow it did what it needed to do to provoke her to leave it outside knowing that it would find a new home with someone else.” I never really stopped to think that maybe animals do make their own decisions. That maybe, in their own special way, a way we humans know nothing about, they also have desires and do what they need to do to fulfill them. Well, if that’s the case it sure does make me feel better!

Max and I took the bunny home and were able to find a new home for her. The woman we gave it to is a dear friend of ours and we know that she LOVES animals like we do, so we are sure the bunny has a safe forever home. But, just in case, I told her that if ever she did not want the bunny to give it back to me and I will take care of it.

Max has a new friend to play with, the bunny is safe and happy and all is well.

Max and Willamena Sleeping

Max adores his little sis Willamena and Willamena adores her big brother Max. She feels very safe with him. Whenever she gets the chance she snuggles up against him to keep safe and warm. Max always welcomes her. He feels it’s his duty to take care of her and he doesn’t mind. For him, it’s fun.

When Max and Willamena are together nothing else matters. Time flies at an enormous rate and no one else exists. I couldn’t separate them even if I wanted to.

Is there someone in your life that you enjoy spending time with, that when you’re together nothing else matters?

Thank you for being a friend

Sometimes you just want to show your appreciation to your friends and family, and even strangers who become friends, and say, “Thank you for always being there for me.” Well, Max says just that. He is so happy to have met you and, even though he has never formally met you, he considers you a dear friend.

Max always wishes you love, compassion, appreciation, success and lots of fun!

Excited for a Treat

Oh, Max, you know you want a treat. Don’t play innocent with me! Ha-Ha!

There’s nothing like the anticipation of a tasty treat, especially for Max. Besides his curiosity about all that exists and his quest for his truth, I think the next best thing for him to think about is a tasty treat.

I love that look on his face because I can feel his excitement. He wants to burst inside and jump at that treat. And I love watching him eat. He’s so focused on his job – making sure he devours every bit of his food and making sure that he enjoys and savors every morsel. I think I’ll be like Max. I’ll be eager for more goodness coming my way and when it comes I’ll enjoy it with every cell of my body and appreciate its arrival. Thank you, Max!

How does your pet react when he/she is offered a treat?

Marching Ants

Max and I venture out a lot and he always manages to find something to appreciate. When you’re always in a state of wonder there’s bound to be something to appreciate!

Well, today it was a group of marching fire ants for Max. It reminded him of the ones he saw while on his journey to appreciation with the majestic eagle. He learned so much from the eagle that day. Anyway, when Max spotted these curious creatures he stopped to watch them  hurry by. He couldn’t fathom how such a small creature could carry such a huge leaf! They were mighty ants in his eyes.

I adore Max’s curiosity in everything that he passes by. I am constantly learning to stop and appreciate the little things in life – like a group of fire ants, which, if it weren’t for Max, I would never have noticed.

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