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March 2015

Dreams do come true

Max is a dreamer and a doer. He was taught by the majestic eagle that he could have whatever he wanted and more just by appreciating what he already has and all that surrounds him. Max took what the majestic eagle said to heart and appreciates everything.

One of the many things Max has wanted to do is fly. Oh, he likes to use his legs and feel the ground against his fluffy paws but he also wanted to feel the breeze in his fur, like a bird! So, he appreciated and appreciated and appreciated and now his dream has come true.

Max continues to teach me something valuable everyday and appreciating what I have and all that surrounds me is on the top of that list.

Learn more about Max’s journey to appreciation with the majestic eagle in his book “Max Appreciates.”

Hello Beautiful!

Max looks so debonair and alluring but all he really wants is to play fetch and run around. I know his tricks. He can’t fool me by calling me beautiful. Well, I might be wrong on that one. No matter what he does he always manages to tug at my heart and lure me into doing what he wants to do. I give in! Ha-ha!

Does your pet have a certain look it gives you to get you to do something? What is it?

Happy Max in the Clouds

Today is a new day and Max is feeling chipper. Can you tell by that huge smile on his face? He wants to play and wants me to play, too.

It has been a rough week for me but I have to say that Max has made it a lot easier. He knows just how to take my mind off of my troubles. Somehow, he knows not to allow me to be sad or think of things that make me sick in my mind and in my stomach. He kept me upbeat as much as possible by always being by my side, by being silly and cute, by still wanting to play and romp around, by smiling that big smile and by just being Max. I couldn’t ask for a better companion.

I love you, Max!


Concerned Max

Max is very concerned about me. He knows that a dear family member has passed on. He’s checking in on me to see if I’m okay. He wants to go for a walk because he knows that it will be good for me and will take my mind off of what’s going on around me.

So, we went for a walk and during that walk he showed me that I don’t have to be sad by how eager he was to greet others, by his wagging tail, his perky ears and his readiness to discover and explore. He showed me through the bounce in his step and the huge smile on his face. He showed me that I should appreciate the world, appreciate the sun, the clouds, the trees and the person who has passed on. I feel much better now because of my Max.

Appreciating the Moment

Max was taught by the majestic eagle to appreciate all that he has and all that surrounds him. Ever since the eagle took him on a journey of appreciation, through the Universe, the Land and the Sea, he has never stopped appreciating and because of this he has so much more in his life.

I have taken Max’s advice and I, too, do my best to appreciate what I have and all the people, places and things that surround me. It helps get me through the not so nice times. Thank you, Max, for always teaching me to keep my mind on the good.

Max is appreciating this moment. What do you appreciate?

Max and Friends

There’s nothing like hanging with friends. Max loves all animals – tall, short, hairy, slimy, ones that fly, ones that crawl, ones that hop, those that are free and those that are not. And all the ones in between. Yes, some of them might be scary but he does his best to learn about them and then, if he has to, he’ll stay away but he’ll always respect them.

Max is enjoying spending some time with his friends in the wild. He believes that all animals should be able to roam free. Don’t we all enjoy our freedom? If someone told us we had to stay confined to our rooms for the rest of our lives we would freak out! The same is true for animals, at least that’s what Max says.

Do you like to roam free – to go wherever you want and do whatever you want? Why?

Max Smells Spring in the Air

Max is so happy! He smells Spring in the air. It has been such a long, long, long winter! Okay, that’s me complaining, not Max. He rarely, if ever, complains. He’s a joyous pup who finds happiness wherever he goes. That’s one of the many reasons I love him so much. He helps me to always see the beauty in everything I do.

Max is especially excited today because he sees the sun glistening, the sky a bright vibrant blue and is raring to go. I’m right behind him!

Does your pet sense when the seasons change? Does their behavior change? How?

Taking A Nap

Max is enjoying a well deserved nap. At the first sight of snow this morning, he was scratching at the door eager to get out and romp around. His favorite thing to do in the snow is run around in it, plop down, wiggle about and dig his wet squishy nose in it. I wonder what he’s looking for? Silly Max. He’s such a joy to watch but now he’s exhausted. When we got back from being outside for a while, I toweled him dry and, once done, he headed straight for the couch and now he’s fast asleep.

When your pet gets home from a day out what does he/she normally do when you get home?

Max in the New York City Subway

There are times when I have to leave Max at home because I have to go into the city. Dogs are not allowed on the subways in NYC unless they are therapy dogs. He doesn’t like that. He thinks that everyone, including animals, should be able to roam free and, “that includes the SUBWAY,” he shouts!

So, since Max can’t travel on the subway yet (I’ve been thinking of taking him for training to become a therapy dog.) he asked me to draw this picture of him in the subway. He says that if we pretend it has already happened, it will happen – smart dog. He said that’s what the majestic eagle told him, so here we are sitting in the subway waiting for the D train. I love my Max. He’s always making me think in different ways.

What does your pet inspire you to do?

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