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February 2015

Barking Max

Oh, boy, Max is not happy. When he senses something not quite right he usually voices his opinion with a loud menacing bark. Animals are so in tuned to their surroundings. They can sense when someone or something is not good or questionable. They protect us and watch out for us like we do them. Max is no different. He loves everything and everyone but there are those rare occasions when something or someone will rub him the wrong way. Since Max’s normal disposition is happy, I get suspicious when he barks like he’s doing now.

Does your pet warn you when something is not quite right? What does he/she do?

Sweet Whispers…

In this day and age it is nice to enjoy a secret with a friend – some privacy, if you will. Max is enjoying a story told by one of his many friends. I have no idea what the colorful bird is divulging to Max but it must be something important. That bird specifically chose Max for his secret. He must know that he is good at keeping them. I can’t help but be curious.

Do you enjoy sharing secrets with your friends? Do you enjoy being private? Why?

Return from the Unknown

As you might have noticed, Max has been gone for a few days. This happens every so often – ever since he met the majestic eagle. Max will be pondering a thought by the window, as he can often be found doing, and like magic, the majestic eagle will appear to answer Max’s questions. And there are times, like this one, when the eagle will take Max to some far off place and share with him the secrets of the universe, or so I think. What else could it be? Sometimes Max will open up and tell me of his adventures but other times he’ll keep these mysteries to himself. It might be because he hasn’t, as of yet, understood all that he has been taught.

Well, this is one those times. He’s not talking. He looks a little dazed. Well, quite honestly, cross-eyed.  Must’ve been something heavy. I will leave Max to his teachings and when he is ready I am sure he will open up to me. He usually does!

Max and Willamena Sleeping Away

I dare not disturb Max and his lil sis Willamena. They are still fast asleep. I don’t blame them. Who doesn’t like extra sleep especially when you’ve had a long night. Max and Willamena were up all night playing. Willamena loves to explore and so she always runs all over Max. Max loves it! He’s never felt something so tiny and sweet. He’s great with her, too. He somehow knows that she is tiny and that he can squash her, so he’s extra gentle with her. He stays real still while she climbs and runs about. Every now and then he’ll peek around to see where she is but for the most part he’s like a statue.

I will let them sleep some more. They look so happy together.

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