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January 2015

Raiding the Dog Food

F13015maxinfoodbagDogs will be dogs! And Max is no exception. When given the opportunity he will make himself comfortable and indulge in his favorite bag of dog food. Now, don’t ask me how he got that bag open. Dogs can be pretty ingenious when it comes to satisfying their appetite. I have to admit, though, I must have left it open just a little too much but the real question is, “How did he get it out of the cupboard and in the middle of the kitchen?!

Oh well, I think I will let him have his way with that bag of food for a while. I’m sure at some point he’ll get sick of it! Ha-ha! I love my Max. He always makes me smile.

Has your dog ever helped himself to his own dog food? What happened?

Just Happy

Sometimes there is no reason in the world to be happy but one finds him or herself happy anyway! Do you get like that? I do. I could be sitting around doing nothing and all of a sudden I am just feeling amazingly happy and have no idea why!

Well, I can safely say that Max is pretty much happy all the time! He has this carefree way about him that I so enjoy. He’s always eager to discover something new, explore everything he can get his nose at and he is especially always eager for a new and tasty treat. I enjoy observing him to see his reactions and attitude towards new things. I find that it’s always one of excitement. I can learn a thing or two from Max.

Do you find yourself just happy? What do think brought it about?

Drawing My Max

I love drawing Max. He’s so much fun to draw because he has lots of expressions. You might not always see them on his face but you can feel them. I am sure you can feel what your pet is thinking.

It’s often challenging to pin Max down. He doesn’t like to stay still for very long, so I have to draw real quick or draw from memory and hope for the best. He likes to play and run around. The best times to draw Max is when he’s sleeping or when he’s just lying down thinking of whatever dogs think about – probably his next treat!

Do you like to draw? What is your favorite subject or object to draw?


Max Guarding His Toy

11415maxwithballOh, it doesn’t seem like Max wants to share his toy with anyone today – not even me! I find that Max sometimes gets a little protective of his stuff – don’t we all? This is nothing new for us humans, so why should it be any different for animals? He looks so serious, too!

Well, I can relate. I don’t like sharing my cell phone with anyone or my laptop or even my desktop computer, so I can understand why Max doesn’t want to share his toy today. I must say, though, that he is not always in the non-sharing mood. He always loves to play. I pass the ball to him and he nudges it with his nose to me. We play for hours at a time.

I think I’ll leave Max alone with his toy and when he’s ready to play he will most definitely come running to me.

Are there times when you don’t want to share? Why?

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