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December 2014

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Christmas is a special time of year for Max and I. We shop for a tree together and he helps me decorate. He holds the basket of Christmas ornaments very carefully. He’s so focused when he has a job to do. It keeps him busy and makes him feel special.

Max doesn’t really know what Christmas really means. I tried to explain it to him one day. I told him that if it weren’t for a man named Jesus Christ there would be no Christmas or maybe even a holiday season!! I think that made him a little sad, his eyes widened and his head tilted – a clear sign of “What?!”

I explained to him that, for me, Christmas is not only a time to celebrate with family and receive and give gifts, but it is also a time to remember what Christ taught me. He taught me that I could reach for the stars and do great things, just like he did. He taught me that I could spread the good news of love and compassion for others and that I am a powerful being that can change the world if I look within. What a great message! Now, I don’t scream these things from the roof top – people would think I’m crazy! But if I think about it, I kinda live his message already. I help Max spread the good news of animal compassion! Max just barked when I said that. He’s happy to spread the good news of animal compassion. He loves all animals and even us crazy humans, too.

Well, Max and I are going to continue to decorate our tree. He says he hopes you enjoy decorating your tree, too and that you have fun.

Does your pet help you decorate your tree? What does he/she do to help?

Belly Rub Time

Max is very excited right now. You want to know why? Well, it’s because he’s about to receive a bundle of love, also known as a belly rub. He hears that familiar tone in my voice when I’m about to smother him with lots of belly rubs and kisses. He can be such a baby sometimes but that’s one of the many reasons why I love my Max.

Animals catch on quick to us humans, don’t they? It’s almost like they know we have a hard time understanding them because they don’t speak with words, so they adapt to us and learn our habits and use them to communicate with us. Interesting… I do my best to understand Max. I notice that when I’m quiet and nothing else is on my mind and I listen from within myself, I can understand every “word” he’s saying. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Can you understand your pet? What are some of the ways your pet communicates with you?


Max and the Butterfly

It never seizes to amaze me how all kinds of animals gravitate towards Max. Every time we go for a walk some little creature manages to find Max and hop a ride, like this little fella. It came flying in from a distance straight towards Max as if they had some sort of a date. Who knows, maybe they did and Max didn’t tell me! Ha-ha!

Needless to say, Max and the colorful butterfly spent quite a while together. I’m not sure what transpired between them but I suspect it must have been intriguing or else they wouldn’t have remained in each others company for so long. I often wonder how animals communicate. In this case, the butterfly would rest on Max’s nose for a bit then it would hover above his forehead, maybe he was checking out Max’s star! And then at times it would fly up and down and all around him. He had Max’s head bobbing and twisting and turning! It was pretty cute.

I always enjoy observing Max and his interactions with other creatures. It makes me smile.

What happens when your pet encounters another animal?


Enjoying Some Kisses

Max is lounging around as he usually does when I’m working from home. And while he’s just lounging around, he enjoys lots of kisses from his little sister, Willamena. He loves hanging with her because he likes the way her little feet feel against his fur. They get lost in there! It must feel like walking in snow for us! Max also likes how she grooms him with her tiny squishy tongue. It would take Willamena years to groom Max completely. Ha-ha!

Willamena likes to explore, so she runs all over Max and around him and over him. Don’t worry, he won’t squash her. He remains very still while she’s running around and he keeps a keen eye on her so he knows where she is at all time. I trust Max completely with her. I know he loves her as much as I do.

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