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November 2014

Choose Love ❤

Children love Max. Every time a child or adult sees Max hanging outside they gravitate towards him and pet and kiss him. He doesn’t hesitate to return the love.

Animals always choose to love, don’t they? They are pure positive love and energy. I always watch Max and observe how inviting he is towards others. He always welcomes people with open paws – never turning away a kiss or a hug. Granted, when he’s playing with a chew toy or a bone he’s not much interested in anything or anyone else. He gets so focused. Maybe a treat would deter him but not much else.

I’m always learning something from Max. Today he taught me to choose love.


You Mean the World to Me

Max means the world to me. I can’t imagine my life without him in it. He brings me so much joy – it’s hard to explain. If you have a pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, mouse, snake, frog, it doesn’t matter, I am sure you understand.

Nothing else matters when I’m with him. It’s like all of my troubles, which Max would say aren’t really troubles, seem to wash away. And sometimes I even think better when I’m with him. Do you ever feel that way? It’s like your brain sees more clearly. Maybe it’s because we aren’t thinking of anything but instead feeling happy. Kind of sounds like what the eagle taught Max – when you’re happy everything comes together for you. I have to remember that.

I will always have my Max with me. I am sure he feels the same about me – I hope!

Who means the world to you? Why?

Max Hanging on His Chair

I just want to kiss that face! I love seeing Max happy – his tail is wagging – although I’m not sure what he is happy about. He must be thinking of something fun. Maybe he’s thinking of his next treat, or his next walk in the park or meeting with his stray dog friends. I should be more like Max and only think of things I love doing or people I enjoy being with. Max is always teaching me something. I don’t think he realizes it.

What does your dog teach you?

Max Playing with Strays

Max adores little kittens. Can you tell? He met this group of stray cats when I took him to our neighborhood pet store. They make their home in the backyard of the store.

When Max first met the strays he was behind the door. He had a bag of treats dangling from his mouth and just stared at them. He wanted so much to play but the door was locked. This time, though, the store owner, Amelio, left the door ajar and, of course, Max, being a keen observer, noticed the door unhinged and jetted outside. He so loves these stray. They all came over to him and started to sniff and play – jumping on his back, playing with his nose and just relaxing beside him. He wants me to take them home. I wish I could but, quite honestly, they seem quite happy where they are.

Have you ever come across stray cats in your neighborhood? What were they doing and what did you do?

Happy Max Flying High

Max looks so happy up there, doesn’t he? He’s flying high above the city. I couldn’t tell you why he looks so happy except to say that he is always happy. It’s a rare moment when Max has a sad face. You might, though, mistake his “pondering about things face” as a sad face but rest assured that Max understands the value in always being happy. You see, the majestic eagle explained to Max that when you’re happy wonderful things happen in your life. Have you ever noticed that when you’re sad nothing that usually makes you happy makes you happy anymore; that even your favorite ice cream doesn’t taste as sweet or your best friend doesn’t make you smile? Well, that’s because when you’re sad you get more sad things to feel sad about and when you’re happy you get more happy things to feel happy about. Confusing? I know, but just remember to always do your best to do things that make you feel good and watch as things get better and better and better. That’s what Max does.



Max and Pete the Pigeon

One of Max’s favorite friends is Pete the Pigeon. Pete likes to hang out on top of Max’s head and groom himself and just look off into the world.

Max met Pete the first day he was brought home from the animal shelter. He witnessed Pete and some other pigeons flying away and wondered where they went but when he asked Pete where they had flown to Pete told him he asked too many questions. Max wonders where Pete and the pigeons fly off to but Pete’s beak is sealed. He’s not saying a word. Well, Max has secrets that he won’t divulge, either, not even to me! I am sure that everyone has something they want to keep private and that’s okay.

Max and Pete often hang out on the front stoop. Oh, don’t worry, I’m constantly checking in on them and, actually, I’m off to the right talking to Carmelo the Landlord, you just can’t see me. Max is always safe.

Do you keep secrets? Why?

Curious Max

Max is one curious pup. He is so fascinated with life. Through his eyes, everything is fresh and new and worth exploring – he even makes lounging about at home adventurous. Now, that’s what I call appreciation. He teaches me just by being himself.

Today was no different than any other day. While on one of our many walks together, something caught Max’s attention from the corner of his eye, so you know he had to check it out. What are you so curious about, Max? Behold, a cat!!! And not just any old cat. This little feline was more sophisticated than any cat Max had ever witnessed – no wonder he was so curious. She didn’t seem to be bothered by his presence as she continued to groom herself without a care in the world. Don’t get to close, Max.

Needless to say, he could have been there all day but it was time to go, so I dragged him away kicking and screaming. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

Are you curious? Do you like to explore new things when you go out? Tell us about it!

A Moment of Appreciation…

Max is all about appreciation. After his journey with the majestic eagle he understands the importance of appreciating all that he has in his life. The eagle taught him that when he appreciates what he already has more of what he wants will start to come to him – at least that’s what the eagle told him and he knows it’s true because he has lots of friends and toys because of all the appreciating he’s been doing. He’s teaching me!

One of his favorite friends is his sister, Willamena. When he met her the first thing he thought was, “She’s so tiny!” He loves her – I can tell because every time I take her out to play he jumps up to kiss her. Silly Max, you have to be careful with her – she’s so tiny and boy can she run! Eventually, he settles down.

Max is appreciating his lil sister – she tickles!

Who or what do you appreciate? Why?

Treat Anyone!

What dog doesn’t want a tasty treat?! Max is always ready for one. He was very patient today. He’s trying to act like he doesn’t care if I give him one or not but I see his tail wagging. He’s not fooling me.

“Max, where are you?”

It’s the day after Halloween. I think Max ate too much candy. It looks like he’s in a world of his own; floating on a magic carpet or a tootsie roll. Either way, he’s always having fun; that’s what Max is all about.


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