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June 2011

Dog Surfing

What a day! Max asked his friends what they wanted to see him do, and guess what their answer was! Yep, surfing. Max was the pro, glancing over at me to see if I was okay. I could barely keep my balance.

Were you ever asked to do something you were afraid to do, but did anyway? Why did you do it if you were afraid? How did it feel after you did it?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

Me and My Best Friend

Max is my best friend – we do everything together. We stand by each other, support each other, listen to one another and have lots of fun together. I know he feels the same about me. There’s nothing like having someone you can confide in. I love you, Max!

Do you have someone you can tell all your secrets to? How does it feel to have a best friend? What sorts of secrets do you share?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini  Journal”-

Sweet Dreams

Max is fast asleep, deep in the dream world. He was so fascinated with the horse we saw last week that it seems he wants to run free.

Do you ever feel like you want to be free from something? What is it and why do you want to be free from it?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

Out for Some Exercise

This morning, Max and I went for our morning run. He loves going by the water for his exercise. I try to get him out exercising at least twice a day, and today is going to be hot so we went out pretty early.

Do you exercise? What sorts of things do you do for exercise?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-


Max jumped into my bed last night – it seems he was having on of his nightmares. He’s always reluctant to talk about those dreams . Someday…

Do you ever go into your parents room at night? Why?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

Pool Time!

Max loves the pool. When I told him we were going, he jumped for joy. The minute we got there, I threw his favorite ball into the pool and he eagerly jumped in after it. He’s so playful!

Do you like going to the pool? What kind of games do you play in the pool?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

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