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May 2011

Max at the Park

I took Max to his favorite place – the park. I took Max to the park on his first day out of the shelter, when I adopted him.

He loves the park. To him it’s freedom! He met a friend there. His name is Steel. They had a great time. I love watching them play.

Do you have a favorite place that you like to go? Where is it? Why is it your favorite place?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

Max Under the Weather

I went into Max’s room to check on him this morning. He’s not feeling well. He has sad eyes. I’m going to let him rest for a while. I’m hoping he feels better later. He’s such a good boy.

When you’re sick what do you want to do most?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

Max and the Bull on Wall Street

Today Max and I went to Wall Street in New York City where all the BIG people are. He met the famous bull. Max wanted to play with him, so he kept barking at him. I don’t think he realized that the bull wasn’t real. Oh well, at least he had a good time.

Has your pet ever wanted to play with something that wasn’t real? How did he or she react?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

Max Sleeping – Crazy Position

Max is so cute when he sleeps in those crazy positions. Doesn’t that hurt? But when you’re tired, you’re tired. I think I’ll let him sleep. He’s such a good boy.

Do you ever find your dog sleeping in a crazy position or do you find yourself sleeping in a crazy position? Describe it!


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

Max Chasing Squirrel

Max had a great time outside today. He chased a squirrel up a tree – he’s so funny. Poor squirrel, he must have been frightened! He did a good job running up that tree. Max didn’t want to leave. He even tried to climb the tree! He’s crazy. Just so you know, he didn’t make it up the tree.

Does your pet like to chase things? What does he/she chase?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

Max Dreaming of Himself

This is what Max normally dreams of – himself. In this dream, though, there are two things that are  missing. Can you figure out what they are?

Are you good at being observant? That means noticing when things around you have changed. What did you notice? How did the change make you feel?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-

Out for an Afternoon Walk

Max and I went for a short walk this afternoon. He doesn’t like to stay inside if he can help it. Anyway, on our walk he met a cute little ladybug. I didn’t even realize it was there until Max spotted it. He started to sniff it. He was so gentle, too. After a while we put it on the tree to crawl away. It was cute.

What sorts of animals have you encountered on your walks?


-from the book “Max’s Diary – A Mini Journal”-


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